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Have a decadent dessert in no time when you whip up an amazing Churro Lava Cake! | asimplepantry.com

Churro Lava Cake Recipe

Course Dessert
Prep Time 10 minutes
Cook Time 20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Servings 6



  • 4 oz Semi-Sweet Baking Chocolate
  • ¼ C Coffee-mate Salted Caramel Chocolate Creamer
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract

Churro Cakes



  • In a small saucepan, combine the chocolate and Coffee-mate Salted Caramel Chocolate Creamer and heat over low, stirring gently until the chocolate has melted completely and the ganache is smooth. Remove from heat, stir in the vanilla, then transfer to a bowl and place in the fridge to set for an hour.
  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees, then generously grease 6 muffin cups. Set aside.
  • In a large bowl, whisk together the flour, sugar, salt, baking powder, and cinnamon. Stir in the egg until combined, followed by the milk. Add the melted butter and vanilla and stir until mixed.
  • Spoon a heaping tablespoon of ganache into each of the 6 muffin tins. Distribute the churro cake batter evenly between the muffin tins, then place in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes, or until golden brown. Remove from oven and let sit for 5 minutes.
  • Remove churro cakes from tin, then brush with the melted butter and dust with the sugar and cinnamon. Serve immediately.